SecureThings.UK has spent the last 3 years building gateways, Nodes and Sensors as a primary to launching SecureThings, to understand the security and fraud issues of real time operational systems. With the increasing diversity of equipment both terrestrial a space-based lead to ever conflict in the unlicensed radio spectrum. Good design principles and proven knowledge has enabled us to provide designs and equipment primarily for the LoRaWAN market including:

  • Bespoke designs for  Nodes, Gateways, Sensors, RF  Detection/ Jamming/ Monitoring Equipment.
  • Low power sensors for:
    • Light/ Radiation
    • Temperature/ Humidity Air Quality
    • Soil Moisture and Temperature
    • Animal or person Detection
    • Object detection such as parking sensors
    • Location and attitude heading system
  •  Surveillance  Nodes Gateways and systems
  •  Countersurveillance  detection tools  for IoT