We at SecureThings.UK™ have with our extensive over 40 years of experience worldwide at the highest level in radio and fixed systems, in Security, Fraud control, and Countersurveillance enable us to focus on the longer-term attack targets for IoT and learn from the experiences from Mobile and Telemetry networks in the past and present. We are now able to supply both product and consultantcy to cleint. Visit the show to see range of products,

SecureThings.UK™ specialise primarily work in LoRaWAN systems, due to the unlicensed design it has less security and fraud control and companies working in this area . We aim to supply products and consultantcy to enable secure experience in the Internet of Things domain.

Our Mission is:    Protecting Customers Services, in an “Internet of Things” world, by supplying Secured, Design and Tested Systems, along with the tools to assist organisations with Training, Counter Surveillance, Fraud and Secure Operations.

Our sister company Vaelid™ operate a number of Gateways and Nodes, used for both providing public service and testing and have the experience of operation and detection at a network level and providing a network environment for SecureThings.UK.

Are IoT Systems Secure?

IoT Systems, while conceptually secure, are open to many of the same methods of attacks used against mobile/radio networks with social engineering, key management abuse, gateway manipulation as well as classic fraud techniques.

Low cost, very long life, 100s of low-power sensors and

 radio systems such as LoRaWAN that work in to the noise floor resisting detection, lend this technology to be used for Covert detection of people and places by Government and Criminals.

So, the Answer is NO!  Even if the underlying technology seems secure, the real-world environment is not, leading to exploitation by Criminals and Governments.

So who are we? With over 40 years in Telecommunications Mobile & Fixed Security, working on Design, Operations, Consultancy  & Law enforcement we have the depth of  experiences to deliver your projects. We Provide a unique service that designs manufactures equipment and for Network Gateways, Nodes and Monitoring tools /Counter-Surveillance tools. Specialising LoRaWAN IoT technology