Cube Cell Capsule

The CubeCell Capsule  is the ideal LoRaWAN sensor with a very  small volume of 38cc self-contained  unit, that is  with in an IP67 housing either fully enclosed or with  a Gore-Tex™ gas membrane  to allow  sensed gasses to be detected. The capsule provides for a well-designed LoRaWAN Node that provides all the basic needs to communicate to LoraWAN gateway the sensed information. It is power efficient, easily configured and supports a wide range of “Out the box Sensors” as well as those of your own design. The key aspects of the Capsule are:

  • Ultra-low power design, 3.5uA in deep sleep via 3.3v supply of 10uA when sleeping  and supplied from  the LiPo battery supplied.
  • Has a 100mAh battery wired for use and is charged before dispatch and requires a sketch to be loaded to take the unit out of long-term sleep. The battery has a typical life of 3 month with transmission of 29 bytes every 5 minutes at SF7.– The unit complies with international regulations regarding transportation by: land or Air or if carried in luggage or sent by post as it is connected to the device and contain  very low level of Lithium.
  • Supports solar energy management, can directly connect with a 5.5~7V solar panel via external connections integrates with a lithium battery management system (charge and discharge management, overcharge protection.
  • The version supplied  by SecureThings is supplied with a O ring seal to provide long-terms weather proof seal and 100mAh battery.
  • Arduino-Compatible  and programming can be carried out using a USB to serial  with correct lead or using the optional Debug board standard sketches available!
  • CE and FCC certification;
  • Based on ASR605x (ASR6501), which integrates the PSoC® 4000 series MCU (ARM® Cortex® M0+ Core) and SX126X (the latest Semtech LoRaWAN chips);
  • LoRaWAN 1.0.3 support;
  • Optional USB debug Micro USB interface with complete ESD protection,  with integrated CP2102 USB to serial port chip, convenient for program downloading, debugging information ;

Pictures’ below show the CubeCell Capsule disassembled, showing in order:

  • The sensor end;
  • The RF/ Antenna end and battery;
  • Open showing battery and O Ring seals
Sensor End
RF , Antenna and Battery